Friday, September 30, 2011

HELLO, from the road towards New MEXICO!!!

Hey Again! 

            As i type this i am in the passenger seat of a U-haul headed straight from Oregon Straight to New Mexico with my father in the drivers seat. we have been on the highway now for almost 2 hours and we are looking to fill up here soon. you might be wondering, how the hell do you stay fit or eat healthy on a trip like this, well... You do what ive done and pack 2 coolers with goodies and food that is organic fresh bought and prepared the night before into delicious recipies like, chinese cabbage salad, Butternut & Spaghetti Sqaush bites, Cooked and fresh broccoli in garlic and olive oil, Almonds, Walnuts, and pecans raw on the go, I also have cooked Quinoa and Millet in there own seperate containers, Organic Kiefer (which is a yogurt) and Fresh Organic Almond Milk made last night to just name a few things i have in the cab next to me, so if you believe you can't eat healthy on the road just take it from me and do what ive done and you'll see it was well worth it! haha, We've all been to rest stops and gas stations to know enough that the food there is in the value of tweenkie's and reeses peanut butter cups, Which just so happen to be my 2 favorite things that i would indulge myself with while i was growing up as a kid, ( even up until recently, lol), but with this new way of living and exciting new adventure ahead of myself towards perfect health I could not ask for anything more, Im as happy as a kid in a candy store ( although i beleive that will be health food stores for now on in my case ; ) driving along the highway with my ice-chest of healthy delights to the left of me! So now we're headed off unto the wild blew yonder down to another great adventure for my family and myself where we are looking to rebuild our own piece of heaven down there in New Mexico.  We all invision having a field of greens and vegatables along with some fruit trees and chickens for eggs, as the life for us down there is about the switch to clean living and a more down to earth way of living. Ive lived my whole life in a small town (Gladstone) outside of the big city (Portland). So when i transitioned into the "real world" at the age of 18 out on my own as i had lived abroad throughout Europe and New York City over the past 7 years  and even traveled a bit through South and Central America, you can beleive that i have felt the fed up feeling and desire i believe most people go through in big city's to get out of a life of walls made of concrete and back into nature. I know its very Jack Karouack of me to do so but that is where we naturally belong and so if your led to do something such as what my family and i are doing then just go for it, you will be surprised at how freeing it will feel to get out of your ordinary box and begin to see things from a different perspective for a change, at least i have. I still enjoy the city and will be living there on and off but it will be more of a temporary basis while New Mexico will become more and more permanent for myself in the coming days, months and years. I want to Live and Thrive on this planet, not just Survive here, So with that in mind i am very much looking forward to living a more down to earth lifestyle that soon fits my needs for this upcoming time in history for myself. So that is where im heading right now on this Journey with my father and we are very excited to get there, but in the meantime im just gonna kick back and relax as i enjoy the first few morning hours of light before the sun hits its full bloom. I will be in touch from time to time this week as i wont have much internet or even cell phone reception for where im headed but i promise to update as soon as i hit internet reception again. Sending lots of love and light your way always!!!


P.S. Now that you've read my story go outside and make your own! Enjoy the rainy sunny weather wherever you are,  there's food in the farmers market which is always a wholesome choice and good exercise if your walking, so use your time while you still have it left, Stay healthy and be happy for god sakes, that is air we are breathing everyone, so lets use it!!! Much love and light - T

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