Friday, September 30, 2011

HELLO, from the road towards New MEXICO!!!

Hey Again! 

            As i type this i am in the passenger seat of a U-haul headed straight from Oregon Straight to New Mexico with my father in the drivers seat. we have been on the highway now for almost 2 hours and we are looking to fill up here soon. you might be wondering, how the hell do you stay fit or eat healthy on a trip like this, well... You do what ive done and pack 2 coolers with goodies and food that is organic fresh bought and prepared the night before into delicious recipies like, chinese cabbage salad, Butternut & Spaghetti Sqaush bites, Cooked and fresh broccoli in garlic and olive oil, Almonds, Walnuts, and pecans raw on the go, I also have cooked Quinoa and Millet in there own seperate containers, Organic Kiefer (which is a yogurt) and Fresh Organic Almond Milk made last night to just name a few things i have in the cab next to me, so if you believe you can't eat healthy on the road just take it from me and do what ive done and you'll see it was well worth it! haha, We've all been to rest stops and gas stations to know enough that the food there is in the value of tweenkie's and reeses peanut butter cups, Which just so happen to be my 2 favorite things that i would indulge myself with while i was growing up as a kid, ( even up until recently, lol), but with this new way of living and exciting new adventure ahead of myself towards perfect health I could not ask for anything more, Im as happy as a kid in a candy store ( although i beleive that will be health food stores for now on in my case ; ) driving along the highway with my ice-chest of healthy delights to the left of me! So now we're headed off unto the wild blew yonder down to another great adventure for my family and myself where we are looking to rebuild our own piece of heaven down there in New Mexico.  We all invision having a field of greens and vegatables along with some fruit trees and chickens for eggs, as the life for us down there is about the switch to clean living and a more down to earth way of living. Ive lived my whole life in a small town (Gladstone) outside of the big city (Portland). So when i transitioned into the "real world" at the age of 18 out on my own as i had lived abroad throughout Europe and New York City over the past 7 years  and even traveled a bit through South and Central America, you can beleive that i have felt the fed up feeling and desire i believe most people go through in big city's to get out of a life of walls made of concrete and back into nature. I know its very Jack Karouack of me to do so but that is where we naturally belong and so if your led to do something such as what my family and i are doing then just go for it, you will be surprised at how freeing it will feel to get out of your ordinary box and begin to see things from a different perspective for a change, at least i have. I still enjoy the city and will be living there on and off but it will be more of a temporary basis while New Mexico will become more and more permanent for myself in the coming days, months and years. I want to Live and Thrive on this planet, not just Survive here, So with that in mind i am very much looking forward to living a more down to earth lifestyle that soon fits my needs for this upcoming time in history for myself. So that is where im heading right now on this Journey with my father and we are very excited to get there, but in the meantime im just gonna kick back and relax as i enjoy the first few morning hours of light before the sun hits its full bloom. I will be in touch from time to time this week as i wont have much internet or even cell phone reception for where im headed but i promise to update as soon as i hit internet reception again. Sending lots of love and light your way always!!!


P.S. Now that you've read my story go outside and make your own! Enjoy the rainy sunny weather wherever you are,  there's food in the farmers market which is always a wholesome choice and good exercise if your walking, so use your time while you still have it left, Stay healthy and be happy for god sakes, that is air we are breathing everyone, so lets use it!!! Much love and light - T

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Been Too Long!!! and so is this post, so i hope you enjoy!!!

Hey Everyone!

            Had a very eventful day this past Thursday, It all started with a revisit to Sana-Vita off of 3rd and 16th street in NYC, the place where i had my many cleanses from the recent week. There i met up with a Healer by the name of Gabe who's had many health struggles of his own and had also found himself on a similar life path, although id say his health conditions were way more extreme. Gabe had been diagnosed with Hodgkins decease at the young age of 20 and ever since then he had found himself on a journey to learn the many ways of healing and how to be healed by the great people he had encountered along his journey. Needless to say i was very excited to be working with Gabe for what he was about to show me in our visit's. I wasnt aware of what these conversations would mean for me or if they would even have an effect. This is because i had felt at the time to be in my best mental, physical and emotional state. So let me explain the process, Gabe uses a technology called a Biometric Frequency reading machine that was strapped around my head which would then send information or "Bio-feed back" (meaning energy or frequencies) in the amount as any physician would receive over a course of many tests done, by allowing the frequency's from my brain that would flow from the strap around my head down into a computer module to calculate the information and place the data into categories that is readable with up to 96% accuracy. So if your reading this and asking yourself, "How can that even work at all? or How can a frequency that is picked up digitally by a machine that is read through a strap around my head able to tell me about my own experience's or state of health?" I'll explain... Everything in the our universe around us holds a frequency vibration which can be tapped into and understood as energy with the right technology we have available today. All around you there is energy buzzing about, and each energy frequency has a different vibrational pattern that can be read into a computer as different sequences, when scientist started doing tests with this technology using the different information they had received they began to receive enough information to tell them wether or not someone's organs by the measure of frequency were either functioning properly or not by the measure of feedback. So needless to say the doctors had received some pretty stunning results of how accurately our body's work and what we can to do to use this technology in Bio-metric-feedback for focusing ourselves on the area needed of healing that would allow a doctor like Gabe to proscribe a certain treatment for the areas found within the body. one such method is the use of dietary supplements coupled with personal therapy like a therapist would be for you, so that you can allow yourself to let go of key areas of emotion that is held within your body that would then allow for those organs released to work in a more higher state of function. Thats what Gabe does and he has his technology dialed in a way that he is even able to point out area's in your body that he understands as holding area's or emotions held down within yourself such as, " I hate my mother" or "i am afraid of what people think of me" or whatever it may be for you that is linked to the past or future that surprisingly enough is part of the cause of why certain organs or tissues are not functioning as properly as they should. So by focusing your energy on releasing those areas within yourself that is holding this negative energy with the technique of talking it out with someone skilled in walking you through those places within yourself like Gabe, then that person can also track your biofeedback or frequency's simultaneously and  watch as the information begins to change and effect your body in further sessions which will then show you how much trauma has been let go. So the goal here is in letting go of these emotions within yourself to heal the wounds of stress and panic or whatever it may be for you that has created the health problems in the first place. furthermore adding to the goal of ending the cycle of cancer in our bodies held by emotional trauma in our lives unmet. This therapy is healing but it comes with a cost... You must go to do the work... the machine doesn't do it for you, its there as a tool to get you to the places you need to be to remain healthy through the use of information that is measured in its feedback.  

                Pretty cool huh? YEAH, i thought so as well, so as we began our session i had realized, with the feedback that he had received i was not in perfect health as i suspected and that i had been harboring deep seated emotions from my past earlier on in my childhood that has been effecting me my entire life.. now couple that with kidney and adrenal malfunctioning that was found within myself it goes to say ive been unwell for quite sometime. Pretty heavy stuff but Ive taken this as a great blessing in my life to do this work with Gabe, being the one that will help me to dive into my past and speak about those things  (Because nobody likes to truly go there, even me when it comes down to it, or lets just say there's definitely some resistance to it) that have been effecting me yet unaware all of these years. Gabe had walked me through some deeper valleys that i hadn't none existed within myself and before i knew it the tears began to stream down my face and as i let go of those emotions from within my being with the validation of there existence to begin with and then they were released. I had felt much better from  within myself afterward the treatment had ended, which goes with the many sacred understandings for healing oneself, "Healing comes from within." So all i can say now is thank you universe for bringing me to this man for healing because i had a great release of emotion that has allowed me to see a lot clearer then before and so needless to say im quite exited to continue this work ahead with him to see how far this healing and my health can go!

         So that is my update for today on my New adventure for what im doing to create lasting health in my life! I thank you for reading and i hope you are as interested by the end of this as i am to create lasting health for yourself on your own health adventure! Soon there'll be a day 3 of my cleanse out on youtube and my blog!!!

Blessings, love and light to all,


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey everyone, if your wondering where ive been, and why i haven't posted much as of recently its because i just flew home in Oregon where im from to be with my family and friends before we make a great migration of furniture and other things from my childhood home here down to our new home in New Mexico! So Needless to say this is gonna be a very tiresome adventure. I will be catologing and posting here on my blog for all of you too read and enjoy for the weeks to come but i assure you i'll get back to blogging here soon. So bear with me cause new posts will be coming your way when i get the chance today to put them up here on my blog! Still finishing up my experience with day 3 of my cleanse and soon will be posting other experiences as well. Thanks for stickin it here with me and please check here soon again to see what else is come, and Day 3!

Much love and light always,

Terron Wood

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Am Not Perfect! ; ) But we can all Try... This is me trying...

UPDATE! If you are on this cleanse for CANDIDA PURPOSES, DISREGARD THE INFO IN THE VIDEO BELOW ABOUT THE TEA I RECOMMENDED. Just read more into the diet, although you think i would have known as I did do my research on this subject i had missed the  part about tea in the section on under "Foods to Avoid", Tea or anything with caffeine, even "Decaf Tea" is not recommended for Candida Symptoms (Chamomile, roobios and many other teas with no inherent caffeine i would beleive is ok) as caffeine is said to help kick start Candida Symptoms as written on So this is a first of many mistakes i'm sure i will continue to make for myself but i will be the one holding the consequence hence the name of my blog being TerronsHealthAdventures not yours, please allow yourself to find these things out for yourself as you embark on your own journey with your diet and health, My goal with this blog is to motivate others by exposing my journey to find there own in health and healing, so please do not take my advise solely, it is always important to seek out others who may offer even more in-depth knowledge or information, i consider myself a conduit for this information but i am not a scholar. This blog is about my journey and i hope you continue to enjoy my videos and info within this blog but please when looking to cleanse do some extra research as well for yourself! So for future reference i send out a DISCLAIMER, I AM NOT PERFECT!!! haha,  Which is ok, no ones perfect here and i will be the first one to admit it with myself. I am happy to be honest and blunt as i believe this is most important for my health and the health of many others.
Relieving stress is a great way to relieving most symptoms created by stress in peoples live's which eventually lead's into some other form of decease or sickness, which is a big part of letting go of the idea of being "PERFECT" which from my personal experience holds most STRESS!!! So stop stressin it, and just let go, because your health will benefit, when you let the good times roll! haha ; ) So again, If you are not on the Candida diet then feel free to enjoy some tea if you are up for a little something outside of your cleanse, and remember these inquiry's will be best answered while on one yourself. Ok, So that's all for now, thanks again for reading and please enjoy the recent video post!!! New update's coming soon with Day 3 on its way!!!

Much love and light Always,


DAY 2 FINALLY READY FOR ITS UNVIEL!!! Took a bit more time then expected, i'll do my best to get these up as soon as possibly but today was a busy one! So much to write about but i will have to let it wait for now, so in the meantime Enjoy i will update you tomorrow!!!

Much Love and light,

Hello Again everyone!

          As i am writing you i am currently on my 7th day ( That being the last, "Yeah!") of my Colon Cleanse!!! Ahhh, it feels so good to be close to the end but i will tell you to keep watching and reading as ive chronicle the rest of my journey from day 1 to day 7 and soon there will be a day 2 posted here on my blog so stay tuned! These videos should give you a better perspective and hopefully a bit of a laugh in how this experience has changed my views on colon cleansing while also showing the effects its had on my life while using the colon cleanse method to reboot my immune system and re-begin my journey of perfect health! So stick with me and please feel free to comment on any of my posts! The second video will be up this evening so stay tuned to see whats next!!!

Much Love and Light Always,


P.S. If you were wondering how im looking these days you'll have to stay tuned to my videos but yes i have lost a bit of weight, in a good way though,  I'll give you a clue though, lets just say i am currently back down to my wrestling weight of my Freshman year 2000! So things have changed a bit, lol, the exact amount lost during the cleanse will be divulged by the end of the video updates in this coming week so please stay tuned! and thanks again for stayin with me ; ) - T

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So here is the first Video of seven to be seen on youtube and my blog, please Enjoy and feel free to pass this on as i would like to get this message out to as many people possibly who are interested, One love and stay tuned here for more to come! Love always - T
           HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Terron Wood and i am Health Nuts and loving it! I hope you enjoy reading  along with me as i write about my journey with food and health consciousness. I will update you on my life and where it is ive come from since an early age throughout this blog. I will be diving into subjects such as my childhood all the way through my life's experience's leading into today and how my association with food and diet has changed throughout. I will also be writing about different diets, cleanse's, and other health related topics current to my life and what i have been discovering in all of them. So this is where i start, my first journal entry and soon you will be able to read and watch more entry's as i will upload video's chronicling my first journey with cleansing that begins with my Colon (Yes, it all begins here, lol) and how that is relating to some of the Candida symptoms that have lately come up in my life. The beauty in this journey has been the idea of doing a blog about it so i could help myself stay on track while other's can see inside what it would look like for themselves to possibly embark on such a journey for themselves. I know it is not always easy to talk about these subjects and so that is why i will be honoring my own journey in allowing others like yourself to read about my personal experience's related to the topics described above. So please enjoy and laugh as i will be doing this for myself along the coming days of entry's and conversation's about health with my own journey as a litmus test for you all. Thanks so much for sticking it here with me and i promise there will be more to come!!!


Terron Wood