Tuesday, September 20, 2011

           HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Terron Wood and i am Health Nuts and loving it! I hope you enjoy reading  along with me as i write about my journey with food and health consciousness. I will update you on my life and where it is ive come from since an early age throughout this blog. I will be diving into subjects such as my childhood all the way through my life's experience's leading into today and how my association with food and diet has changed throughout. I will also be writing about different diets, cleanse's, and other health related topics current to my life and what i have been discovering in all of them. So this is where i start, my first journal entry and soon you will be able to read and watch more entry's as i will upload video's chronicling my first journey with cleansing that begins with my Colon (Yes, it all begins here, lol) and how that is relating to some of the Candida symptoms that have lately come up in my life. The beauty in this journey has been the idea of doing a blog about it so i could help myself stay on track while other's can see inside what it would look like for themselves to possibly embark on such a journey for themselves. I know it is not always easy to talk about these subjects and so that is why i will be honoring my own journey in allowing others like yourself to read about my personal experience's related to the topics described above. So please enjoy and laugh as i will be doing this for myself along the coming days of entry's and conversation's about health with my own journey as a litmus test for you all. Thanks so much for sticking it here with me and i promise there will be more to come!!!


Terron Wood

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