Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Am Not Perfect! ; ) But we can all Try... This is me trying...

UPDATE! If you are on this cleanse for CANDIDA PURPOSES, DISREGARD THE INFO IN THE VIDEO BELOW ABOUT THE TEA I RECOMMENDED. Just read more into the diet, although you think i would have known as I did do my research on this subject i had missed the  part about tea in the section on under "Foods to Avoid", Tea or anything with caffeine, even "Decaf Tea" is not recommended for Candida Symptoms (Chamomile, roobios and many other teas with no inherent caffeine i would beleive is ok) as caffeine is said to help kick start Candida Symptoms as written on So this is a first of many mistakes i'm sure i will continue to make for myself but i will be the one holding the consequence hence the name of my blog being TerronsHealthAdventures not yours, please allow yourself to find these things out for yourself as you embark on your own journey with your diet and health, My goal with this blog is to motivate others by exposing my journey to find there own in health and healing, so please do not take my advise solely, it is always important to seek out others who may offer even more in-depth knowledge or information, i consider myself a conduit for this information but i am not a scholar. This blog is about my journey and i hope you continue to enjoy my videos and info within this blog but please when looking to cleanse do some extra research as well for yourself! So for future reference i send out a DISCLAIMER, I AM NOT PERFECT!!! haha,  Which is ok, no ones perfect here and i will be the first one to admit it with myself. I am happy to be honest and blunt as i believe this is most important for my health and the health of many others.
Relieving stress is a great way to relieving most symptoms created by stress in peoples live's which eventually lead's into some other form of decease or sickness, which is a big part of letting go of the idea of being "PERFECT" which from my personal experience holds most STRESS!!! So stop stressin it, and just let go, because your health will benefit, when you let the good times roll! haha ; ) So again, If you are not on the Candida diet then feel free to enjoy some tea if you are up for a little something outside of your cleanse, and remember these inquiry's will be best answered while on one yourself. Ok, So that's all for now, thanks again for reading and please enjoy the recent video post!!! New update's coming soon with Day 3 on its way!!!

Much love and light Always,


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