Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey everyone, if your wondering where ive been, and why i haven't posted much as of recently its because i just flew home in Oregon where im from to be with my family and friends before we make a great migration of furniture and other things from my childhood home here down to our new home in New Mexico! So Needless to say this is gonna be a very tiresome adventure. I will be catologing and posting here on my blog for all of you too read and enjoy for the weeks to come but i assure you i'll get back to blogging here soon. So bear with me cause new posts will be coming your way when i get the chance today to put them up here on my blog! Still finishing up my experience with day 3 of my cleanse and soon will be posting other experiences as well. Thanks for stickin it here with me and please check here soon again to see what else is come, and Day 3!

Much love and light always,

Terron Wood

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