Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back in Black From New MeTiCO!!!

                Fresh faced and new beginnings for myself down there in New Mexico! it was so beautiful! The scenery alone will clear your soul and mind in one. Cant even begin to tell you all the amazing things that went on because there were way too many to count but it truly was an amazing experience, i am so grateful to have a family around myself that shares a similar common vision (and i do understand that is not often found in many family's for which i am thankful). So for that i give them all a shout out and send my love back home from out here in NY!

                So if you were wondering if i was able to stay clean along the whole way of the trip then the answer for you would be YES! I ate many delicious items along the way previously written to you in the last update on here but i'll give you a little rundown of my basic day. It was Cabbage salad and Kiefer for breakfast alongside of eggs with Fresh Garlic, Mmmmmm, Soooo Good, and for the afternoon i had a similar meal of cabbage salad with a bed of fresh greens, boiled egg and salmon, Mmmmm, then i would finish it all off with fresh cooked broccoli and even more cabbage salad alongside a helping of quinoa mixed with coconut oil and almond butter! Yeah, i know it doesn't sound so bad after all to eat healthy, at least for myself i can say it has been a fun little adventure eating this way!!! I will also publish some pictures of some of those delicious meals with ingredients if your ever interested in making them for yourself. My trip in the U-haul was also very successful and exhilarating! Watching the scenery moving past while giving cues to my father over directions in the passenger seat the whole way down was awesome! He is so great, my father drove the entire way even after my constant banter about "How i could take the wheel from him if need be" I wasn't expecting him to drive that much, but no, he felt the desire to test his ability to see wether he could do the whole drive himself or not, so i let him, and took care of some much needed rest and relaxation alongside a book "The Body Ecology Diet" By Donna Gates recommended to myself by a lovely lady at the Sana-Vita Spa i was going to for those Colon Cleanse Treatments and now im heading back there today for another one on one treatment with Gabe as spoken in my previous post a few blogs back! So what i had found out on that trip down by reading the Body Ecology Diet book was alot of insight into how paring food can help better digestion and help further heal myself with these special paring techniques given inside. First it began showing me how to pare Starchy grains or protein with non starchy vegetables as a meal  that would end up allowing a more meaningful balance of alkalinity within my body's PH or Alkaline index. The levels for a women should be around 7 PH while a males should be within 7-7.5, this is all new information for myself, i never knew how the PH or Alkalinity of food could actually be effecting my own state of balance and even mood if it were not within these chart levels showing me so with the information in this new book, so i recommend  picking up a copy for yourself if you are more interested because i do feel it has some pretty valid information that has definitely blown my own health paradigm  wider then before! You see my goal here is too recreate a healthier version of myself, i believe by taking natural remedy's and whole plant based diets alongside of some healthy proteins i can not only reverse but in fact create a perfect state of health not only for myself but for others like yourself who may be reading this blog with your own personal health problems wether seen or unseen by allowing my own journey to be public forum. So to all who is reading this I say please take note and heal your immune systems  before its too late because the day and age has come that there are now wars inside the congress going on right now that may actually allow the power of the government to prohibit the action of taking responsibility for ones own health to heal themselves with homeopathic remedy's or over the counter vitamins and minerals that include the entire variety that easily can be found within any health food or drug store today. That would mean power was given to the United States Government we would not only have to allow the prohibition of over the counter drug's but would also have to go to our family doctors to receive vitamins such as the most commonly known, Vitamin C... I know, this may sound crazy to you and it is... but if you don't believe me then i would recommend looking into this more yourself,  you may find the answers upsetting. they have already passed a bill that is not allowing Raw Milk to be sold in the United States because of the "unregulated" amount of Good Bacteria within the milk that is healthy for the human body. This seems to be more of a scam of the usual rule and conquer mentality that take away the power from people who are supposed to be free to choose what they want and make there own decisions about healthcare. So i hope that you enjoy this information however upsetting it may be because this is our right as the people to speak up against our government for what they in this case are doing wrong!

Ok so back to what 'ive been going through ; ) along this road to recovery. If you are a sufferer of Candida then i hear your pain. I didn't realize how serious of a situation it was to have a candiasis overgrowth within your body, i had thought well, i'll just do some colon cleanses, which has helped me gain a lot of perspective/respect and understanding on how to begin to heal thy self through this practice of Colon cleansing but the train doesn't just stop there with candida, you also have to change your diet to a select few non starchy vegetables, cut out all grains except for a select few such as Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, buckwheat and whole grain brown rice, the rest of the list for candida can be found at but also with this i have discovered that  the candida strain bacteria's are very clever and can morph/change to any anti-fungal medication you give it, so i have realized i need to take an even greater action of assertion for healing this very sticky situation and that is when i realized a package i had already purchased from the website ( which was already my room came with a bunch of homeopathic pills and remedy's that promises to truly work for healing the area within candida related symptoms by help of higher grade strains of Pro-biotics found in a formula called Threelac. It's not cheap but available through Japan that come with other bottles that would also help to further the process along in the battle towards healing the candida. So you may be asking yourself, "Why then didn't you just start using these products in the first place instead of going on all of those colon cleanses and then the strict candida diet?" Well, the information i had found on the website ( allowed me to understand that i could rid myself of the candida even sooner while the package of Threelac products were still on its way! lol, so lets just say i got anxious ; ) and curious at the same time. So in the end i decided to take my chances the natural way although with this product line of Threelac which is still also a natural way of healing ones body from the nasty candida. So 2 days ago i began taking the over the counter prescriptions otherwise known as the Full Yeast Recovery Program found on the candida website here    If your interested yourself then check out the website then pick up the package that would best suit your own personal needs. So far i have found this product in my 2nd day of use to be working great out but as they tell you on the candida support website, a lot of the symptoms you may be feeling will actually become more severe as they "Die-Off" because this how the Candida yeast cells are still trying to survive as they are actually being destroyed. Think of it as a war between two sides, one side is trying to cling onto life while the other side is destroying the infiltrator, that is exactly what my body is going through right now, destroying the perpetrator and the picture isn't very pretty, so far i have had further rashes and other fungal discharges that is not very exciting to be said as of the least... I know, thats disgusting and i hope your not eating right now because it gags me to even tell you this but hey i've gotta be honest here or else you wont know the full story of what its like to go through something like this for yourself, its not always pretty but bear with me please.... lol, thanks! The one thing that i am able to say for sure is that the benefits definitely out-way the consequences, and yes, i am downright determined to detonate this Probiotic Bomb of Threelac inside of myself to help clear up all symptoms and signs of this Candida fungus once and for all! Now don't get me wrong i am not for war nor do i believe in killing but in this case i am being attacked and so i can only do one thing and that is to defend my health! So through this process that is exactly what i am doing, reclaiming my health and sanity! I will say that this journey has definitely helped me see in a different way and for that i am forever grateful towards this little beast inside But i am ready to clear up these symptoms once and for all, no more excuses just solutions for now on in my life. i have wasted away my health over the long years of abuse growing up and even when i thought i was at my most healthiest, WHAMMOOO, HELLLLOOO CANDIDA!!! so fun yet not at all, lol! Anyways i think you hear my pain but through the lense of love, because love is the only way to heal and this is my process. thanks for reading and soon i will update with that pesky 3rd video i've promised for weeks now! lol, no more excuses just results! 

Love light and wisdom always,


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  1. Hey Brother,

    Been a while since I have seen you!!! I will be back at the New Life Expo March 22nd-24th (just over a week).

    Hopefully we can reconnect. Adya Water, Booth 208. Peace, Matt