Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey Everyone again!!!

         Soooo, today is a Snow day in New York city and i'm stayin in! So far i've been feeling even better with the use of the product Threelac but still have the rash like symptoms although that is still normal as i've read that this can be compared to a "yo yo effect" when symptoms begin to go up and down, up and down in there intensity until they are completely gone. After a month of no symptoms I will be able to lower my dose of threelac to 1 packet a day instead of 3-5 to maintain the health of the good bacteria within my gut. Cant wait to be over this Candida but with patients comes time so its alright until its cleared up and you know I'll tell you that im so grateful to have learned and continue to learn what i have from this condition and to be honest without it i wouldn't be here right now talking to you! haha so in a way it has been the very thing which is what i would consider  that has saved my life from poor health! So in that light, i say "Thank You Candida for showing up in my life but you can kindly leave from my body now!!!!" ; )

So i'm happy to say that i feel healthy, content and whole alongside the continued use of threelac and my new favorite product Ayda Clarity!!! This stuff is amazing people, seriously, i would say that every man, women and child should be taking this product. i had recently been to the biggest Mind Body and Spirit Expo in the United States out here in New York called the New Life Expo and i will say it was awesome!!! There i had met some pretty unbelievable people all there in lock step towards creating a better world of health love and happiness, it was very beautiful to see and believe it or not i had no idea i would be introducing myself to some of the wonderful people behind the product Ayda Clarity! I met two men at there booth and one of them had shared my vision of cleaning up the oceans alongside of the lakes rivers and streams with there incredible product Ayda Clarity! It would be amazing to do this but I understand this will occur with baby steps so that one day we will be able to heal this planet of all of the human by-products of industry! I cant wait to have a time where there is nothing within this earths water supply but healthy whole mineral rich liquid that we can drink but i know i don't have to wait that long to enjoy this for myself now that i've found Ayda Clarity!!! It is possible to have Mineral rich clean healthy water with just one teaspoon of this product when placed into a gallon of water. You cant get the raw minerals necessary for life anymore without going to the store and buying it from Fiji, but with Ayda Clarity you can. it will only cost roughly 30 cents a gallon to transform plane sodium fluoride filled tap water into whole healthy water good for the mind body and spirit, with the ability to reduce fluoride down to half and from unhealthy sodium fluoride that calcifies the pineal gland into healthy calcium fluoride which is alright for the body...Yep... its that amazing! So feel free to purchase this product from or

So, i've been thinkin about the idea of going RAW, as in starting to eat all of my food in the Raw Form, I don't know yet but i may look into the possibility of eating this way as it sounds to be and obvious yet less warm way to get nutrients into the body, so i will see how that idea goes but until then i will leave you with this great video i had just found from a guy named Matt Monarch who has done just that for himself and has been doing this for around 10 years or more depending on how old this video is, he also has a great website for health food products at,  .  I recently purchased some of his incredible flax oil from a man named Andrea that doesn't go bad and is the most whole form of flax ive found. It doesnt go bad outside of the refrigerator and is Delicious!!! So needless to say he has some great products along with great energy!

All the best to you all who continue to inspire me to be happy, healthy, whole and complete!

love, light always!!!

 - Terron Wood : )

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