Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Health, Life, Thanks and the New discovery of AYDA CLARITY!!!

Hey there again, I know, i never did what i had said i was going to do because i've been behind and have had alot of other projects on hand that i'm currently taking care of alongside of my health and this blog, So needless to say it has been a bit more difficult to update on here then previously thought! i promise to continue to do my best and update more and more on this blog so it will not die!!! haha, with that said i am in a better mood today then the last post and id like to take this time out to thank the person who left me the very thoughtful comment on my last post, "Please take care of yourself. You never know but you have more readers on this website than you think you do. We hope your "depress" or "down" moments go away soon because you seem to really be a cool person inside and out. We are rooting for your journey to wellness!",  Whoever you are i apreciate the support and glad to know that somebody is reading this! haha, im not just crazy here blogging away on a wall thats never read, lol, although i think id still do it knowing that sooner or later it would be heard. Im proud to be an open book to show the world that these health issues are not as scary as we all may think, and i'm here to say that im on this blog as a supporter and friend to whoever may be reading this and going through there own health issues!!! So thank you again for being here and for all of the love and support ive been recieving in my own healing!!!

               So with that said, back to the blog ; ) my body is responding better and better everyday to the new products ive been taking for a little over a week now and ive been noticing a difference in my symptoms as they have become less and less irritable and more and more natural in the color coming back from the areas previously effected by the symptoms  left by Candida. So I can say that I am extremely reluctant and grateful to have the support of all of those people who have gone through this for themselves and to whoever has come before me in there research that has further helped my understandings in the area of healing Candida, So thank YOU!!! 

          Today was a good day, i discovered a NEW (At least to me, tell me if im wrong) Product online that is meant to heal and create balance within your body through the water supply of a cleaning agent found under the earth called Black Mica, now this stuff when turned into an Extract is called Ayda Clarity found for purchase on this website here, now this product is supposed to not only pull out metals but also decalsify the body and heal your liver of goalstones and other heavy metal symptoms caused from the lack of nutrients and clean water that has now become  toxic for our body's over a period of long ingestion. It also will clean any kind of condition of water wether it has E-coli, Fluoride or even Radiation!!! YEAH, I know, i cant beleive it either until i had watched enough footage and heard first hand the testimonies of enough people to beleive it for myself, check it out on youtube here  alongside a recommended check for yourself on google  to see wether this is real or fake, don't just take it from me, be skeptical and figure this out for yourself but basically this stuff will not only clear water but also re-infuse nutrients and PH back into the water for perfect balance! I am Shocked when i saw the information and use of this product through Japan and how they were able to take a pond of water that was full of bacteria and other disgusting unclean water waste and with the use of this product, Poof, it was not only clear but you could watch it in real time clean up the pond to a clarity you could see, literally you could see the fish and even drink the water it was so clean!!! That sounds crazy i know so check it out for yourself here , also check out another testimony here this stuff is amazing and not only that... get this, it DOESNT HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!!! Can you frickin beleive it,  I am so excited to be receiving my first shipment soon and then after i will update you on what it has done for myself and my family!!! Thanks again for reading and i hope this is as exciting for you to hear as it was for me to write! More updates and information to come but for now this will be it for me, i hope i left you with enough information to keep you uplifted as i feel today!!! (Hence all of the Exclamation Marks throughout this post ; ) !!!!! Haha)

Much love and light always!!!

- T


  1. Keep going, Bredren!! See the change, be the change, and once we transform & clean up our bodies, the brothers and the sisters can get to work... cleaning up Lake Erie, clearing up water on reservations, in vilaages, and on and on!!

    Kindest regards,

  2. Yes sir!!! So glad to hear it again and yes we will be doing more of this as the days go to minutes and the minutes fade away, our moment is now and we will be in the change we wish to see in the world! it was a pleasure meeting you bro and i'll be in touch, much love and light always,