Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Progress Report 1

So Its been 3 weeks since i had last finished my colon cleanse treatments and  i am now into the diet side of this lengthy process of battling Candida. its been pretty amazing all of the things i've had to encounter along the way on this journey. I am definitely feeling the symptoms of "die-off" as described on the Candida Website here , but also ive been having a lot of ups and downs with the feeling of loss. I dont know why but these are also symptoms of depression that lead most of the time from the symptoms of the Die-Off phase. So its been an interesting part of the experience to be going through these things for myself and its been hard to remember how long this process can take. Sometimes you just wanna be like, "really, im still having symptoms" but that is  just part of this process. It is said that sometimes it can take months to get over the Candida with the use of the Threelac products i am currently taking but with that in the light of how many years it takes for Candida to overgrow into your digestive system then to show up as a yeast infection or worse is not too shabby! So im gettin through it and my health is ultimately getting better, lol, I laugh because its good to have some humor in these times of feeling strife, especially with symptoms like mine! lol, I'll promise to try an update here more on a daily basis like a journal but ive definitely relized how hard it is now to blog, hence the long lengths in-between posts but i will do my best to put more up as the time progresses, So that is my daily update for today!

much love and light always

 - Terron

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  1. Please take care of yourself. You never know but you have more readers on this website than you think you do. We hope your "depress" or "down" moments go away soon because you seem to really be a cool person inside and out. We are rooting for your journey to wellness!