Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buggin out with the "Zapper"

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long wait between posts, been up to a bunch of different things and getting my life a bit organized right now so please bare with me! Life has been getting better and better and i couldn't be happier! My health has been progressing and my symptoms are now near to none but still lightly present although its a far cry from where i first started. Thankfully the Threelac has been working although i've added a new product into the mix called a 'Zapper" and don't yet know how i feel about it so i may hold off from using the product until my symptoms are gone then i may re-introduce it back into use. If your not familiar with what a Zapper is then i'll give you a little run down. The Zapper is a product used to rid the body of pesky parasites that can do us no good but feed off of our cells and block energy from our body's major organs and arteries because they leach off of the blood and tissue from within these areas of ourselves to survive, ( yeah, not so exciting to hear but bare with me...) So what the Zapper does to rid the body of these parasites is it creates a pulse of energy that sends through the body an electrical charge of current (which you barely feel when the two contact points made of copper skin) So again the Zapper Literally "Zaps" the parasites to death which also sounds not so exciting thinking about dead parisites within the body but the benefits are said to be tremendous due to the fact that we function better without them within us and also may be the very thing that is the doorway that opens us up to even worse diseases and cancer. So Under one of the many symptoms its supposed to treat which is a long list you can check out on the website i bought my Zapper from at the one symptom its supposed to treat is Candida, and that is why i had decided to try it out myself. I will let you know how long i may continue the use of this product because i feel the threelac is working well and i don't want to mix too many ingredients into one pot and possibly spoil the stew of health that ive been creating, something i'm realizing may have at times beneficial and other times non-beneficial effect by experimenting with too many products at once, so id recommend before ever doing what i'm doing is first consulting yourself and making sure you truly feel its right within your heart to take what your taking, to be honest i don't know how i feel about this product because i think it may go against what i've been doing already to heal myself so you may hear more about this product in the future from me but until i decide i thought i might share it along with you all because the principles behind this product i feel are pretty good and if it wasn't threelac to has been helping my Candida i would be more interested in continuing its use.

                So there's alot more that i could talk to you about but i have got to get to bed for an early day of work in the morning but i thought id post since it has been awhile! I will do my best to get another post up on here sooner then a week this time i promise; ) And I appreciate all who continue to support my adventure and I will update you as soon as i get the next chance to do so!

Until then, Much love, light and gratitude always,


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